New Salishan Development

History and Overview of the Redevelopment Effort

Below is an overview of the Salishan Redevelopment:

Salishan – Past Present & Future

The Salishan documentary was produced by Bryan Johnson, a teacher at Lister Elementary School, and his fifth-grade class during the 2002-03 school year. Lister Elementary School is in the community of Salishan and many of its students are Salishan residents. Lister was completely rebuilt in 1999, shortly before Salishan’s own reconstruction began. It is a jewel of the Tacoma Public School District and an important part of the Salishan redevelopment. 

Mr. Johnson’s students wrote the script, conducted and translated the interviews, read the narration, and played some of the music on the soundtrack. They created the artwork, took the photographs, and filmed the video that is featured in the documentary. Mr. Johnson completed the post-production at Lister’s own broadcast studio. 

The documentary shows scenes of Salishan before its old housing units were demolished and before redevelopment of the community began. Through the documentary, the students and the people they interview express their deep affection for Salishan and their hopes for its future.