Starting in 2000, the Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) undertook the largest residential redevelopment in the history of the City of Tacoma. This project demolished and rebuilt the neighborhood of Salishan. This redevelopment started with 855 old, worn out, and unsightly public housing units built on 188 acres during World War II to house war workers and their families. In addition, the infrastructure needed replacing – electrical grid, water distribution system, sewers, storm water system, roads, curbs and lights.

THA, and its many partners, demolished this housing and this infrastructure and built a new neighborhood. New Salishan is a new mixed-income, mixed use neighborhood of affordable and market rate rental housing, single family homes for sale, commercial buildings and community buildings, and parks, all on brand new infrastructure.

The project will cost over $ 225 million. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sparked and inspired this effort with a $ 35 million HOPE VI grant. When complete, it will transform not only Salishan but also the surrounding community of East Tacoma.

THA’s development goals for this ambitious project include the following:

  • increase the number of dwelling units from 855 to 1,200 – 1,300
  • mix of homeownership units and rentals
  • mix of incomes
  • no net reduction in the number of affordable units
  • community and commercial services
  • new parks
  • new underground infrastructure
  • design friendly to walkers, children and disabled persons
  • environmentally responsible features
  • it will look lovely

New Salishan has already won notable awards for the design of its housing, its neighborhood design, landscaping, environmentally responsible features and its contributions to social justice.