Emergency & Transitional Housing

Emergency and Transitional Housing

April 14, 2021

If we are unable to help you at this time some of these resources below may be able to.

Other Housing Resources

Other Housing ResourcePhone Number
Pierce County Housing Authority(253) 620-5400
King County Housing Authority(206) 574-1100
Seattle Housing Authority(206) 615-3300
Bremerton Housing Authority(360) 479-3694
Puyallup Tribal Housing Authority(253) 573-7956
Pierce County Community Action(253) 798-7240
Matsusaka Townhomes(253) 593-2120

Also, please see the following resources for Emergency and Transitional Housing.

Emergency Housing

Emergency housing is temporary shelter, up to 90 days, for individuals or families. Emergency housing provides food, shelter and assistance with clothing and transportation. At the emergency shelter, shelter recipients are also offered access to medical care, job training, job search and a variety of other supportive services. Tacoma has several shelters that provide emergency housing for up to 278 single individuals and approximately 80 households with children each day.

Sometimes there are group living situations or single-family homes that are used as shelters. Some of the services offered may include:

  • Case management
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Food
  • Connection to social services
  • Medical referral
  • Clothing
  • Recovery services (Substance abuse, trauma)
  • Other emergency needs
  • Showers, soap, laundry services
  • Spiritual nourishment
  • Legal assistance
  • Disability assistance

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing bridges the gap between emergency shelter and permanent, affordable housing, allowing shelter recipients to continue on their path to self-sufficiency and independent living. Transitional housing is offered for a period of up to 24 months and offers opportunities at a variety of locations. Some of the services provided may include:

  • Intensive case management
  • Life skills training
  • Driver’s license reinstatement
  • Homes provided on a percentage of the family income
  • Food, clothing, bus passes
  • Employment services
  • Provision for education of children as well as adults
  • Referral to appropriate social agencies
  • Follow-up after independence
  • Screening for domestic violence, disabilities, substance abuse problems, mental health challenges, etc.
Transitional ShelterPhone Number
Another Chance for Women and Children(253) 572-8170
Exodus Housing: Transitional Housing for South King and Pierce Counties(253) 862-6808
Guadalupe House(253) 572-6582
Helping Hand House(253) 848-6096
Hope Guest Home(253) 627-3620
Jump Start, Faith Homes(253) 572-0458
Lakewood Area Shelter Association(253) 581-8689
Meet Me Ministries(253) 404-1745
Network Tacoma(253) 474-9334
Phoenix Housing Network(253) 471-5340
Shared Housing(253) 272-1532
Sojourner Housing(253) 272-1529
The Caring Place(253) 272-3011
Veterans Independent Enterprises of Washington(253) 922-5650
Women In Transition(253) 383-4050
Tyler Square(253) 627-4308