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Heritage Bank at Salishan Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

July 2, 2018

Tacoma Housing Authority invites you to a celebration and barbecue dinner at Salishan on Tuesday, July 17th at 3:30 PM.  At that time we will cut the ribbon on the new Heritage Bank branch at Salishan! We will also celebrate the Salishan College Savings Account program for children. We will gather at the Salishan Family Investment Center. It is on South 44th Street off Portland Avenue, across the parking lot behind the Tanbara Medical Clinic.

Please join us and help our community leaders and speakers celebrate:

  • Marty Campbell, Manager, Salishan Association – Master of Ceremonies
  • Andrea Levere, President, Prosperity Now
  • Jeff Deuel, Chief Operating Officer and President, Heritage Bank
  • Mayor Victoria Woodards, City of Tacoma
  • Catherine Ushka, City Councilmember City of Tacoma
  • Carla Santorno, Superintendent, Tacoma Public Schools
  • a family participant in the Salishan Children’s Savings Account
  • Amanda DeShazo, Executive Director, Tacoma-Pierce County Affordable Housing Consortium

We celebrate because Heritage Bank’s new branch at Salishan is important, for many reasons. Here are five:

  • The Heritage Bank branch at New Salishan will allow parents and children of the Children’s Savings Account program to easily make deposits into their accounts.
  • It will mean that when Salishan school children walk to Lister Elementary School or First Creek Middle School they will pass by their bank and think of their money on deposit!
  • Heritage will show parents and children how a bank can be a friendly and useful place.
  • In that way Heritage will help all East Side residents into the mainstream financial services system and away from payday lenders and cash checking businesses.
  • Heritage’s bank branch at New Salishan is the first new bank in Tacoma’s East Side in a long time.

We also hope you can join us for the BBQ dinner afterward!