Hillside Terrace Development

1500 Block

On October 30, 2004, THA awarded a major revitalization of the 1500 block of the Hillside Terrace Apartments to Tacoma-based Construction Enterprises and Constructors.

The work included complete demolition and replacement of all site utilities, exterior siding, roofing systems and interior finishes. The facilities were provided with all new exterior and interior lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinets and heating system. A new porch design provided an appealing new look and feel. A new handicap parking stall and ramp were installed to accommodate the new handicap accessible living unit.

The project covered sixteen living units, a laundry facility, and a new 250 sq. ft. commons room.

2300 Block

Construction and renovation of units in the Hillside Terrace 2300 block were awarded to Del-Jen, Inc. in 2002 for the amount of $3,775,000.