A Beautiful New Apartment Overlooking Downtown Tacoma

The Rise at 19th features 64 beautiful, modern apartments with amazing views, a variety of family-friendly amenities, and a beautiful outdoor art piece titled, “The Jewels” created by Diane Hansen.

The Rise at 19th was designed to help address the public health emergency the City Council declared homelessness to be. Out of the 64 one and two-bedroom apartments, 14 units are reserved for veterans exiting homelessness, and another 14 units are reserved for people with physical disabilities.

We began construction on The Rise at 19th in the summer of 2019.

Continuing Our Hilltop Investments

The Rise at 19th began as part of our Hillside Terrace public housing developments spread over 4 properties between South 15th and South 27th. They were built in the 1960s with 165 apartments. We bought them in 1976. By 2000, the properties were worn out, and since then we have demolished or rebuilt all of them.

To date, we have built back 206 apartments with community facilities. Our Bay Terrace property between 25th and 27th Street has Tacoma Public School’s only HeadStart program outside a school. These developments helped spark private investments that have since spread throughout the Hilltop. We have more Hilltop developments on the way. They all show our efforts to set high standards of environmental responsibility and design.

These investments are especially timely as the Hilltop gentrifies. By investing, we seek to make the Hilltop’s blossoming equitable, with a shared prosperity. By what we build and how we build it, we seek to make the Hilltop what Tacoma Housing Authority’s mission statement seeks for every Tacoma neighborhood: a place that all people experience as “safe, vibrant prosperous, attractive, and just.”

The project’s projected cost was $21 million to build, with most of the money to come from private sources alongside important public partners:

  • Tax credit equity investors (Boston Capital)
  • Commercial debt (Heritage Bank)
  • City of Tacoma
  • Washington State
  • Tacoma Housing Authority

Architects: SMR Architects
Contractor: MarPac Construction