Salishan 7 Residents

July 6, 2021

Welcome to Salishan 7.

Your home is Certified LEED for HOMES Platinum, Energy Star, and Built Green 3Star. This means that you have a home that is at least 30% more energy efficient than the average home. However, it’s up to you to take advantage of the green features. The only way you can is to understand your energy saving features, what they have to offer, and operate and maintain your home as recommended. 

The walls of your home are significantly better than the average home. You have triple paned windows, an air barrier system that controls air leakage, plus walls, foundation and a ceiling that are insulated well above code. This means it takes much less to heat your home in the winter and very little to cool your home in summer. 

You have a Hybrid Heating System consisting of an Air Source Heat Pump (ductless mini-split) and electric resistance baseboard heaters. Your Heat Pump is 3 times more efficient than your baseboard heaters. Furthermore, your heat pump was sized for your home, which means by itself, the heat pump is more than enough to heat and cool your entire home throughout the year, even on the coldest day. The baseboard heaters are there just in case! If you want to use them you can, but remember it costs 3 times more to run your baseboard heaters than it does your heat pump. We recommend only run your baseboard heaters if you really need to which should be virtually never. 

Energy Star and Energy efficient appliances, products and lighting are throughout your home. Enjoy! 

In each home, there is also an Occupant’s Manual, which THA Property Management will show you in your 1 hour walk through prior to signing for your home. This manual explains the features of your home and has operations and maintenance information regarding all of the products and equipment in your home. Please familiarize yourself with your manual and your home. 

Last of all, Tacoma Power has installed its Gateway “Smart Meter”. This system enables you to understand your energy consumption by the minute, hour, day, week or month so you can understand how much more you spend doing laundry twice a week versus once a week or maybe running your mini-split without your baseboard heaters. Overall, the Smart Meter enables you to operate your home in the most economical and energy efficient way possible. 

THA provides this website to you as an additional resource to better understand how to best operate and maintain your home. 

Each of the video links below, provides a visual demonstration on some of the features of your home. All of them are frequently asked questions.