Housing Assistance

Required Documents for Housing Assistance

December 10, 2019

When your name reaches the top of Tacoma Housing Authority’s Low-Income Housing Waitlist, THA will conduct an eligibility verification to make sure you are eligible under our program rules.

As part of the verification process, we need these documents for each adult household member:

1) Identification

  • Adults: Photo ID and Social Security card
  • Children: Birth Certificate and Social Security Card
  • Alien Registration / Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)

You must bring originals of all the above documents to orientation.

2) Income

  • Social Security/SSI Income: Award Letter
  • Employment: Pay stubs from past 3 months & employer’s fax number
  • Child Support: Statement from Support Enforcement
  • Unemployment: Pay stubs from past 3 months
  • TANF, GAU, or VA: Statements or Award letter
  • Pension, Retirement, Other: Statements past 3 months or Award letter
  • Self Employed: Last filed Income Tax with Profit and Loss Statement
  • All Other Sources of Income: Like online accounts or income from online sources

3) Expenses and Deductions

  • Childcare: DSHS Award/Change Letter
  • Medical: Receipts for expenses not covered by insurance in the past 3 months
  • Paid Child Support Statements through a local or state agency like Support Enforcement or DSHS.

More Information

Read more about THA’s eligibility requirements for public housing and eligibility for rental assistance.

If you have questions, you can call us at (253) 207-4400 or email leasingstaff@tacomahousing.org.