Housing Assistance

Late Rent Support

We are here to help you if you received a late-rent notice

We understand this is a stressful time for you and your family. Our staff will try our best to direct your questions to the right people with answers or get you connected to community resources that can help.

Who do I contact at Tacoma Housing Authority if I have questions?

Questions about your lease or owed rent

Contact your property manager listed on the notice you received.

Questions about community resources & supports

Contact the Client Support & Empowerment (CSE) Team
Email: Contact-CSE@tacomahousing.org
Phone: (253) 682-1224

Know your rights as a tenant!

What is the Covid Repayment Agreement (CRA)?

The CRA is an agreement between tenants and THA where the tenant signs a contract to pay owed rent between November 2022 and April 2023 in small portions over time.

  • Missing just 1 CRA payment may lead to a default on your rent. 

What do I do if I will be late on making a payment?

If you can make a full payment of your full rental arrear but will miss the deadline of your notice, contact your property manager or CSE immediately to inform them of your situation.

Can I request a Grievance if I experienced a hardship and am unable to pay rent?

Yes! Request a grievance within 10 business days of getting a notice.  A written request is needed. You may request an informal hearing online by going to: www.tacomahousing.org/resources/informal-hearing or contact your property manager or CSE if you need help.

  • Grievance requests are available to THA households on a public housing or voucher program.

Can I still file a Change of Circumstances if my income has changed?

Yes! Request a Change of Circumstances by filling out our Change of Circumstance Form or contact your property manager or CSE.

Is there time to request a Reasonable Accommodation?

I experienced domestic violence during my time as a THA tenant, do I have rights?

  • Yes! You have rights under a federal law called the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Please contact your property manager or CSE for more information and assistance.

Free legal help & mediation is available

Call 311, visit tacomaprobono.org phone: (253) 572-5134 or visit nwjustice.org/eviction-help phone: 1-855-657-8387 or visit centerforresolution.org phone: (253) 572-3657

Community Resources

Types of ResourcesWho can use this resource?Contact
Youth School supplies
School transportation
School breakfast & lunch  
Families with school-aged childrenMichelle Birge, McKinney Vento
(253) 571-1498
Email: mbirge@tacoma.k12.wa.us
Emergency cash assistance that can be used for eviction, food, utilities, medical, and other necessities. Typically can apply for up to $1250Family must be receiving some benefit through DSHS and NOT TANFDSHS Emergency Assistance
Call your local office or apply online at www.washingtonconnection.org
Emergency Rental assistance (beginning 10/01/2023)
Energy Assistance
Low-Income and must provide documentationMDC
Call: (253) 383-3921
Website: mdc-hope.org
Emergency Rental Assistance
Clothing Bank
Gas cards
Must be a participant at the St. Francis clothing bank
Must be in specific zip codes
St. Francis
(253) 770-6991
322 7th Street SE Puyallup, WA 98372
Can sleep overnight in your car
Typically have security
Wash stations and bathrooms
Service coordination on-site
EveryoneSafe Parking Sites
This page will have most up-to-date info for contacts/locations
Emergency Shelter
Shared housing
Rental assistance
Must be experiencing homelessnessCall: 211
Kitchen facility
On-site case workers
Coordinated Entry intake specialists
Per site: “Family” is defined as a parent or parents with minor children in their custody, or a pregnant personFamily Day Center
5050 S Tacoma Way
Call: (253) 471-5340

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