Informal Hearing or Settlement Talk

June 30, 2022

If you are a current THA resident or THA voucher holder, you have the right to request an Informal Settlement Talk, Informal Hearing with an independent hearing officer, or both.

Tips for Joining your Remote Hearing or Review

For all remote meetings:

  • Select a quiet, non-distracting location to join the meeting
  • Please mute yourself when not speaking
  • If you need assistance to have access to internet/computer equipment or a designated space to join the remote hearing or review, please contact THA staff at 253-448-2740.
  • If, for whatever reason, the call or meeting ends due to connection issues, THA will work with you to identify another time to schedule the remote hearing.

Joining by phone only:

  • Check your phone connection and ensure you have adequate service (e.g., cell phone reception)
  • Please check your mail or email to make sure you’ve received the documentation of evidence that THA will use in the remote hearing.
    • As a reminder, there will be no option for file sharing or screensharing if you are joining only by audio. This may make it difficult to follow which documents are being referenced during the meeting.
    • Depending on your phone capabilities (e.g., smart phone), you may be able to join a zoom or teams meeting from your mobile device. If this is the case, please view more tips for joining in the next section.

Joining by video conferencing:

  • Test your internet connection
  • Check the quality of your webcam, speaker, and microphone

To see potential trouble-shooting tips, please review instructions by each related video conferencing application: