Housing Hilltop Community Priority

June 12, 2024

As our Housing Hilltop development begins leasing for residents, THA is establishing a Hilltop neighborhood community priority policy for households who have been displaced or are at-risk of displacement.

If you live or have lived on the Hilltop in the past, you may qualify for priority access to an affordable apartment at Housing Hilltop.

This policy is a part of our Design the Hill Community Plan, in which THA, our planning partners, and the community agreed to develop a community priority plan to counteract the forces of gentrification and displacement in the Hilltop neighborhood.

How does the prioritization work?

All are welcome to apply for an affordable apartment at Housing Hilltop. Any household, regardless of their ties to Hilltop, can fill out the public interest list.

In addition, a household who qualifies by meeting the criteria described below can apply for community priority when filling out the interest list.

To be offered a unit after being placed on an interest list, households need to meet the eligibility requirements for the property. This includes criteria such as meeting the specific income threshold (households earning at or below 60% of Area Median Income), rental history, and other criteria.

Who qualifies for the community priority?

To qualify for the Hilltop community priority access, a household must:

  • Currently live in the Hilltop neighborhood or at least one household member formerly lived in Hilltop and have been displaced or at-risk of displacement.
  • Self-certify that this information is true and accurate.
  • Meet the minimum income and eligibility requirements for the property.


We are using the term displacement to mean people who have moved or who are at-risk of moving out of Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood because of eviction, foreclosure, natural disaster, or deterioration in housing quality; or indirect/economic reasons, such as rising housing costs, or loss of cultural/social networks.

Hilltop Neighborhood

Generally, we consider the Hilltop neighborhood boundaries to be:

  • Sprague Ave on the west;
  • Tacoma Ave S. on the east;
  • Division Ave on the north; and
  • South 27th St. on the south.