Housing Assistance


September 24, 2021

For Landlords

Formerly known as Go Section 8, affordablehousing.com provides property rental listings directly to Public Housing Authorities. Our listings are passed out to hundreds of “walk-in” tenants seeking Section 8 rental housing daily.

Additionally, affordablehousing.com maximizes rental listing exposure by allowing properties to be viewed online.

For Tenants

Signing up for the affordablehousing.com QuikMatch system notifies tenants seeking housing of new rental listings via computer email, text message or by phone whenever an AffordableHousing.com Insider lists a property on AffordableHousing.com.

Prospective tenants do not need a computer to view listings posted on AffordableHousing.com! You can simply call their toll free number and they will input their search criteria into a national database and when a landlord’s property matches your criteria you will receive a phone call.