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Educational Resources

January 24, 2022

The following is a list of resources related to Education.

Job Training

Reading is Essential

Health Care

Basic Skills Education and Job Training

Support for Basic Skills Education and Job Training are provided through our Community Services Department. Get more information about that through the links to the left.

Are Your Children Ready for Kindergarten?

In kindergarten children learn how to read, write, be healthy, play safely, and be a good student. If your child is old enough to attend kindergarten (5 years old before September 1), you should enroll them at your neighborhood school. Tacoma Public Schools has free full day kindergarten for all students. The school district prepared a great video on helping your child get ready to succeed in kindergarten.

Do You Have Children Who are Three or Four Years Old?

Tacoma Public Schools has free preschool for low income families through the Head Start and ECEAP programs. Going to a high-quality preschool is the best way to start a child off in school.

You can find more information on Tacoma Public Schools’ website or contact the Tacoma Public Schools Head Start Office at (253) 571-1900.

A Degree of Savings

If current tuition rate increases continue, a child born this year will have to pay an estimated $215,064 for a four-year degree at a public college or university. Today, those costs average $110,408, according to Savings accounts dedicated to paying for college can take the sting out of increasing tuitions and help develop the habit of saving. 

Read more in “A Degree of Savings” by Jessica Hathaway in State Legislatures magazine:

Show Me the Math

THA is partnering with Tacoma Public Schools to help students in Tacoma connect what they learn in school with the business world. Students visit community partners and learn how they use math in their day-to-day work.