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Tacoma grapples with affordable housing for low-income families

November 28, 2017
Jenna Hanchard | King5 News

Leaders in Tacoma fear rising rents in the South Sound are leaving some families desperately searching for an affordable place to stay. The booming economy only makes the competition tougher for low-income families. Also, as more people look for government assistance to help pay the rent, people are also waiting longer to use Section 8 housing vouchers. “Our voucher families, in general, don’t compete well with better rental or credit histories,” said Director of the Tacoma Housing Authority Michael Mirra. Longtime Tacoma landlord Tom Glenn says he started renting to people on Section 8 decades ago.   The fact that the person is on Section 8 isn’t a character deficiency; it’s a maybe a wage deficiency,” said Tom Glenn, a longtime Tacoma landlord.

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