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Press Collection: Tacoma Housing Authority, Koz Development, and Associated Students of UW Tacoma

January 9, 2019

Tacoma Housing Authority, Koz Development, and Associated Students of UW Tacoma issued a press release on Jan. 8, 2019. Below is a list of articles that mention this new partnership and development, in chronological order:

New Apartments Set aside for homeless UWT Students
Debbie Cockrell | Jan. 9, 2019

“This partnership between THA and a private developer is an important community investment in our students and their families,” UWT Chancellor Mark Pagano said in Tuesday’s release. “We are very proud of the initiative our student leadership has taken to recognize what students need to succeed, and the role they played bringing THA and Koz together.”

Read the full article at the Tacoma News Tribune.

New Housing Option for Tacoma Homeless College Students
Keith Eldridge | Jan. 9, 2019

“With the help of federal money, the Tacoma Housing Authority is helping the students pay for the apartments so they can concentrate on their studies.

‘We think this is a way to spend the housing dollar, not just to house someone, but to get them a life transforming education,’ said THA executive director Michael Mirra.”

Read the full article and watch the video at Komo News.

Dozens of New Apartment Units Open for Homeless UW Tacoma Students
King Staff | Jan 10, 2019

Nearly 14 percent of students attending the University of Washington Tacoma is housing insecure, which means they are homeless or nearing homelessness.

“Within the span of the last three months we’ve managed to go from a hypothetical what if we had a program to today we’re talking about students moving in this week,” said Daniel Eatherly, a student at UW Tacoma. 

Read the full article and watch the video at King 5 News.

New Affordable Apartments Available for Homeless UWT Students
Tacoma Weekly Staff | Jan. 10, 2019

“All 52 apartments at Kōz on Market are reserved for extremely low or low-income persons. Kōz will fill up to 26 apartments with homeless UW Tacoma students. These students should inquire right away.”

This article appeared in Tacoma Weekly.

Student Homelessness Project Acquires 52 Microapartments across from the UWT
Mitchell Fermo | Jan. 14, 2019

“When you are homeless, everything around you is impacted in a profound way,” Papyan said. “You might lose friends. You’re in a totally different world and state of mind where you’re trying to survive instead of getting an education. These apartments will help change that, where students will go from ‘surviving’ to ‘living’ and get their education.”

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