Press Release

Notice of Public Housing Waitlist Closure July 2016

July 18, 2016

TACOMA – On July 31, 2016, Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) will close its Public Housing wait lists. Public Housing is housing owned by THA for people with low incomes. The change will not affect anyone currently on THA’s Public Housing wait lists. The change will not affect anyone who applies for housing before July 31st. Public Housing wait lists will be replaced with project-based voucher wait lists. THA will notify the public when wait lists reopen.

If you would like to apply for housing before the wait list closes on July 31st, go to THA’s website. For a list of locations to apply for housing, call THA’s main office at (253) 207-4400.

Do not be fooled by phony websites. Only THA’s website will allow a person to apply. We also won’t charge you to apply. After July 31, 2016, the wait list will be closed and any future applicants will need to wait for the wait list for a property to be reopened.

Contact THA if you need help applying or getting access to a computer.