Real Estate Development FAQs

Development Projects

What types of developments does THA undertake?

THA’s Real Estate Development department is responsible for a continuous and efficient improvement of THA’s existing housing portfolio, as well as developing other new properties both residential and commercial. THA seeks to develop properties that are affordable, high quality, suitable to a range of needs and uses, sustainable and attractive.

Does THA offer development services for other companies or nonprofit agencies serving the affordable housing market?

Yes. Our experienced developers and project managers are available for various development-related services to other private or public agencies.

How does THA procure architects for their projects?

THA uses the competitive proposal process using Requests for Qualifications (RFQ). Architects are selected by their expertise and experience.

How does THA procure engineers and other consultants for their projects?

Generally engineering firms are a part of the architects’ team and are selected during the evaluation process. If THA finds the client only needs engineering services for a project, the engineer is selected using a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Contracting with THA

How can a contractor get involved with THA’s development projects?

THA uses a competitive proposal process, including Invitations to Bid (ITB) and Requests for Proposals (RFP).

What types of contracts does THA use on its projects?

THA analyzes each project for the ideal contract delivery model, including sealed bid – fixed cost, negotiated design/build, and/or the general contractor/construction manager (GC/CM) delivery models.

Does THA hire specialty or subcontractors directly?

Typically not. Most projects of the Real Estate Development Department are large. THA will typically procure a general contractor.

How does a specialty or subcontractor find out about upcoming projects, and who is the general contractor on a project?

A contractor can check the Current Bids & Proposals section of this website. A planholder’s list will be available for download. If THA has awarded a contract, this website will list the general contractor.

Does THA contract with historically disadvantaged types of contractors such as those owned by persons of color or women?

Yes. THA encourages such contractors to apply.

What if I have a general question about a particular project or opportunity for my firm?

See the Contact Us section of this website.

How can I get the material products I represent listed in your material specifications?

Our material specifications generically list the types of materials required based on agency standardization or a specific quality assurance we are attempting to achieve. Any branding in the specifications are qualified with “or equal” to maintain a minimum standard. Our contractors may submit alternative materials or brands for approval through a material substitution request during the bidding process. This process is included in the bid documents.