Renter Resources

September 24, 2021

Looking for Rental Housing

Resources for Tenant-Landlord Issues & Rights

If you feel your rights have been violated or you have been discriminated:

Tenant/Renter Tips

Disclaimer: THA has prepared these tips to help make your rental experience favorable. We do not provide advice or represent anyone in legal issues.

  • Take pictures before you move in and at walk-thru. Leave the home the same way as when you moved in.
  • Document all communications with your landlord.
  • Always get a receipt for money paid.
  • Note problems and tell your landlord within 24 hours.
  • DO NOT withhold rent if the landlord is not making repairs.
  • Besides losing your deposit, a landlord can place a judgment against you if you cause more damage that is not covered in your deposit.
  • Landlords can only enforce rules written in the lease.
  • Don’t assume they will keep the entire deposit if you don’t give them full notice — they may work with you.
  • A bad rental reference can follow you for years.
  • Your deposit CAN be returned when you move out.
  • Have the exit walk-thru after your items are out.
  • Give the required notice when planning to move out.
  • Be honest and try to exit on agreeable terms.

Energy Efficiency for Renters

Do you want more control over your electrical bill? Here is some information that could help.

Did You Know?

  • Leaving out food, garbage or dirty dishes can attract unwanted smells, insects and critters, causing health concerns.
  • Notify your Property Manager if you notice problems in your home (leak, moisture, toilet, mold or mildew).
  • Make rent your first priority. If you are going to be a late on your rent, let your landlord know — they may work with you.
  • If you break something, then tell the landlord, or tell them you will fix it correctly.
  • Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 7 AM. Be considerate. Keep TV, talking, children, vacuuming so others outside cannot hear it.
  • All THA properties are SMOKEFREE. This applies to recreational and medical marijuana, cigarettes and cigars. If you have to smoke, do so off the property in designated areas.
  • You are responsible for your guests and their actions while they are visiting. Let them know the rules.
  • To report public nuisance issues and code violations, renters can call TacomaFIRST by dialing 311 in Tacoma city limits.