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Innovation and the City (Citi Foundation Report)

December 5, 2016

In recent years, cities have become the drivers of government innovation. As urban growth has exploded over the past half century—increasing from a third to nearly 60 percent of world population today—local officials have been forced to solve problems and generate new ideas, policies, and approaches. From New York to Medellin to Copenhagen, mayors and city
managers are finding novel ways to address some of the biggest challenges facing society, whether combating entrenched poverty, financing new infrastructure projects, or protecting the environment.

Yet for all the innovative policies taking root in cities across the globe, there are few reliable mechanisms for sharing what is working.

This report aims to fill the gap. Drawing on well over 100 interviews with urban policy experts in the United States and around the world—including
mayors, city commissioners, academic experts, corporate executives, labor officials, and philanthropic leaders—it profiles fifteen of the boldest and most innovative municipal policy reforms of the past decade.

Turn to Page 19 for an article about Tacoma Housing Authority’s Education Project.