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BJM Pilot for Housing Families in Need

March 31, 2016
Josh Brokaw | Ithaca Times

“Families with students at Beverly J. Martin (BJM) Elementary School whose living situation is unsettled might soon have some help in creating a stable home.  The Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency (IURA) is proposing what it calls a “Housing for School Success” pilot program at BJM. Housing will be found for five families which meet the definition of homelessness.  IURA is asking decision-makers at Housing and Urban Development for permission to fund the first year of the program with about $104,000 in federal monies that were returned from unfinished projects last year. If the pilot proposal is approved, the money will go to covering rent vouchers for the five families and paying a part-time social worker to help hook people up with services.”

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