Apply for THA’s Children’s Matched Savings Account Program

September 29, 2015

What is the Children’s Savings Account Program?

Tacoma Housing Authority’s (THA) Children’s Savings Account Program (CSA) is an effort to encourage students to aspire to continue their education or training after high school, help them prepare for it, and help their families pay for it. The program starts in kindergarten and goes through 12th grade. The program will have two stages. 

  • Elementary School Stage: When a Salishan student enrolls in kindergarten, THA will open a savings account in his or her name. THA will be the account custodian. THA will make an initial $50 deposit into the account. THA will match the family’s deposit into the account up to $400 per year. This match will continue through 5th grade. 
  • Middle School through High School Stage: When students reach 6th grade the match stops. Instead the student and a counselor will create a plan with milestones from then until graduation and enrollment in college. E.g.,: improved attendance; improved Grade Point Average; enrolling in the College Bound Scholarship Program; taking the PSAT, SAT and ACT; taking college preparatory courses; applying to college; filling out the FAFSA; getting into college; graduating from high school, and starting college. Upon the student reaching each milestone, THA will deposit more money into the account up to $700 per year.

Who can participate? 

Students are eligible to participate in the CSA if they will be starting kindergarten or 6th grade in the fall of 2015 and meet the following criteria:

Elementary School Stage

  • Live in Salishan OR
  • Enroll at Lister, whether or not they live at Salishan

Middle through High School Stage

  • Live in Salishan AND
  • Enroll at First Creek Middle School

The program is open to all these Salishan students, whether their family rents in Salishan or owns their home.

How to Apply

Applications are due October 26th.